Spa Treatments & Massage Therapy

Whether you’re looking to enjoy some much deserved pampering and relaxation or to achieve specific, targeted results we have an extensive range of treatments available.

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Aromaworks Spa Treatments & Massage Therapy

Life is busy so take some time out for yourself! Feel invigorated, relaxed and pampered with our body bliss spa treatments


AromaWorks produces natural Skincare which is packed with 100% pure essential oils and botanical extracts. Supported by years of research and product innovation, our Skincare range is made from Bio-Active ingredients and is proven to be clinically effective. All AromaWorks products are exclusively made by us in our own factory in the UK from the finest 100% natural essential oils, and are ethically sourced and are free from harmful chemicals.

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Bespoke Body Ritual
(55mins) £45.00
Full Body Massage: A unique full body indulgence whereby the massage techniques, the pressure and the blend of essential oils are completely tailored to your needs.
Express Ritual
(25mins) £25.00
Back Neck & Shoulder Massage: A classic back, neck and shoulder massage to help relieve specific areas of tension. The perfect quick fix.
Thermo-Therapy Experience
(55mins) £55.00
Hot Stone Massage: A highly therapeutic massage using the energy and heat retaining properties of volcanic basalt stones. Deep penetration of the muscles is achieved with the help of the warm stones to release tension in the body, and promote profound relaxation. The warm stones will be used as an extension of your therpaist’s hands, as well as being expertly placed on energy centres of the body. With the addition of one of our Signature Body Oils this treatment becomes a truly blissful experience.
Express Thermo-Therapy Experience
(25mins) £35.00
Hot Stone Massage: A classic back, neck and shoulder massage using the highly therapeutic volcanic basalt stones. Deep penetration of the muscles is achieved with the help of the warm stones to relieve specific areas of tension. The perfect quick fix.
Energy Point Remedy
(25mins) £25.00
Hand OR Foot Reflex Massage: The hands or feet are refreshed with warm soothing mitts. The key reflex points are stimulated before these areas are massaged further to relieve tired muscles. A highly effective treatment.
Pressure Point Scalp Massage
(25mins) £25.00
Indian Head Massage Therapy: This deeply relaxing scalp and neck massage uses Eastern techniques to relieve tension and restore your natural energy flow. The calming properties of our Soulful Essential oil blend help de-stress and revitalise the mind and body.
Muscle Relief Therapy
(55mins) £50.00
Deep Tissue Massage Therapy: A deep tissue massage treatment designed to intensely release muscle tension. Allow your therapist to tailor your treatment to focus on any specific areas of concern.

Himalayan Body Brilliance
(40mins) £35.00
Body Scrub & Moisture Treatment: This wonderful body polish treatment uses rare pink Himalayan sea salt to exfoliate the body leaving it silky soft. An expert blend of 84 Trace Minerals detoxifies the body and encourages nutrient absorption to nourish the skin. This brilliant treatment is completed with a conditioning fusion of 12 BioActive ingredients.
Purifying Pamper
(70mins) £65.00
Detox Brushing, Exfoliation & Massage: This treatment is specially designed to remove the build-up of toxins in the body and to help purify the skin. An ideal treatment to coincide with any dietary detoxification process. We begin by Body Brushing, and Exfoliating to increase circulation and remove unwanted skin. A powerful blend of Coriander and Rose Geranium is them massaged into the skin using Lymphatic drainage techniques and Meridian point therapy, to stimulate the body and boost toxin removal.
Cocoon Indulgence
(85 mins) £75.00
Body Wrap & Facial: Drift away dreamily in our warm and cosy body envelopment....a wrap experience like no other! A delicate blend of sea salt and coconut oil is used to refine and rebalance the skin, before a rich formulation of Pumpkin Seed, Coconut and Rosehip Oil is generously applied to the entire body. Lie back on our heater blanket and allow yourself to be wrapped up and Cocooned whilst your therapist performs a rejuvenating facial to ensure you are pampered from head to toe. Listen for the sounds of our Tibetan bowl to gently awaken you from tranquillity, and watch as the new you emerges.